Friday 21 September 2012

Jet lag

We did quite well yesterday with almost no sleep for 48 hours.  It's always so exciting when we first arrive that we get through the day ok.  We were too busy in the days leading up to this trip to even think about doing anything to try and reduce the effects of jetlag.

On the motorway from Heathrow I could see on our Tom Tom when we were going to cross a waterway but it doesn't show if it's a river or canal.  Each time we'd be straining to see if it was a canal and if we could spot a narrowboat.  When we went down to the canal by the supermarket at Warwick yesterday I was watching the boats chug by and it just didn't seem real to think that would be our life for the next year.

It's been lovely to see Lois again although it's only been a couple of months this time - she came and stayed with us at the shed for a couple of nights!  She has moved to a new house since our home exchange in 2007 and this is a lovely place too.  She has a very nice outlook from her living room.

Not all that long after dinner last night we were struggling to stay awake and by 8pm we were out to it.  I'm surprised how well we both slept but as usual in the first few days arriving in the UK or Europe I was wide awake at 3am.  When it got to 4am and I was still awake I decided to get up.  I managed to get my laptop hooked up to Lois's wireless internet (yes, Anthony, I did!).  The time difference meant that in Australia it was work time... for some people... but others although they were at work obviously had nothing better to do than checking out Facebook... so a lovely half hour or so chatting to Vicki. 

Mick was up by 5am and we set about quietly having breakfast without waking Lois. We had a good walk all around the village and to check out the farm we could see from Lois's window.  For the morning we went shopping to make a start on buying the things we need to get.  I seem to have acquired another list... and it's another one that is growing!

This afternoon we went for a drive to Braunston marina.  We couldn't let a day pass without a narrowboat fix.  I just love that place.  On the way we stopped at Midland Chandlers and looked at all the bits and pieces they sell.  About the only things we knew what to do with were the coffee mugs!  Steep learning curve coming up.  We looked at the solid fuel stoves and talked about whether or not we should spend that sort of money to have one installed on nb Parisien Star.

We checked out some boats for sale, had a walk around (pity the Gongoozlers was closed), patted a friendly labrador in the fender makers and on the way back visited a farm shop.

Overall an enjoyable day. 


Ian Ashton said...

If finances permit I'd go for a stove. We really enjoy ours and it's really efficient. Then you can get someone to get you one of those Eco-fan thingys for Christmas.

Jo Lodge said...

Hi Elly and Mick. It was wonderful to meet you both today at Stoke Bruerne and to hear all about your boat and your plans for being on the waterways. I hope that some of our information was useful. Please feel free to pick our brains when ever you feel the need and we look forward to seeing you out on the water. Jo & Keith. on Hadar.

Elly and Mick said...

Ashton, thanks. We're definitely leaning towards getting a stove. Especially after today when we stumbled upon nb Hadar and had a good natter to Keith and Jo. The smell of the stoves burning as we passed the boats convinced us.

Jo and Keith, it was lovely to meet you - the first bloggers we've met. We appreciate the advice and look forward to seeing you again one day when we're cruising rather than walking the canals.

Elly and Mick

Neil Corbett said...

In my opinion a solid fuel stove is essential if you are planning to be on the boat over the winter!! Nothing gives you the same comfortable heat, in fact we are just planning to light ours :-)lovely. And sometimes you can get free heat when you find logs along the cut.
Hope you enjoy life on the canals.
Kath (nb Herbie)