Monday 17 September 2012

The last night

Well, whatever isn't done now won't get done.  Our suitcases are packed, the stuff we couldn't fit in is put away.  Everything's looking pretty bare now with nearly all our belongings packed away either in the lockup or in the caravan.  The fridge is cleaned out, the bathroom's been cleaned, the pantry is empty, the grass has been mowed, the weeds sprayed, the washing's right up to date and.... our boarding passes are printed.

We've had our leftovers for dinner, fielded some farewell phonecalls and text messages (thanks so much everyone), and spent a lovely couple of hours with our favourite neighbours from the old place.  J & J we'll miss you guys.  Thanks for coming over on our last night.

It's amazing how calm we are tonight.  I thought we'd be pretty stressed.  I'm not even fussed that I've not completed everything on my list.  It really is the most surreal feeling to think that something we've dreamed about and talked about for so long is now right on our doorstep.  We're about to go and live the dream!


nb Chance said...

Good Luck Guys, You will be fine when you get here! Look forward to meeting you on the cut, enjoy your dream that is soon to be reality! Safe journey and we look forward to reading your blog when you are this side of the world!! Best Wishes

Ian Ashton said...

Have been following your blog for a while. Had to smile yesterday when we pulled into our marina and there was Parisien Star up on its blocks waiting to be put back in the water. It feels like a brush with a celebrity.
Hope you have a fabulous year ( or two ) here in the UK.
Best, Ian and Christine (NB Kaysera)

Paul and El said...

Have a safe flight and see you soon.
P & E x

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Elly and Mick
Welcome to your new life. You know we still hanker for the life on the canals. The best thing we ever did.
Have fun and enjoy it.

Elly and Mick said...

Thanks everyone.
We're all packed up and ready to go. I'm just waiting for Mick to come back from mum's (we had to take her car back) and she'll drive us to the airport.
Ian & Christine, we'll look out for you!

Ade said...

I can sense the excitement!
It's 1 in the morning as I'm reading this can't stop here!

Elly and Mick said...

Ade, that was a day we will never forget! E