Friday 28 September 2012


We have tonight and tomorrow night at Windermere - a little break from the shopping (lucky that ... the car is filled almost to the roof) and other nb planning.

We did buy a couple more things from our list on the way. We got a coat each and Mick got a pair of waterproof boots.  Other items now piled up in the car include a large box containing the printer (why do they have to make the box 3 times the size of the item in it?), a clothes drying rack, a pack of the little racks you put over a radiator, 2 golf umbrellas, electrical extension lead, a polisher, pegs, food, toiletries, a jumble of chargers and adaptors.....  thank goodness we left our large suitcase on nb Parisien Star or I would have had to cling onto the roof of the car!

Today was another early start as we are still waking up before 6am.  I actually don't mind that because when I start working I'd rather start early so I can be free from lunchtime.  We had a good run heading North on the M6 and headed first to Sawrey to visit Hilltop, the Beatrix Potter property.  We got to test out the new golf umbrella which proved to be an excellent buy.  We had morning tea at the tea rooms next door and watched the rabbits frolicking in the garden.  I'm sure it was Peter Rabbit.

The scenery is like nothing we've ever seen and the stone buildings are just stunning.  It's been a visit well worth making.  We had lunch and a wander around Ambleside, called in to the visitor centre at Windermere and then parked the car at our accomodation in Bowness and had a walk around.  It's just the most picturesque place.  We have a view over the rooftops to the lake from the living room window.

The visitor centre was a lovely place.  There was a treetops rope course and flying fox, an animal park and around the visitor centre building were beautiful gardens to wander through.  The only let-down is having to pay to park there!

Photos for today (although the don't do the place justice) :
1. Lakeside tourist boat
2. Lakeside
3. Lakeside
4. Ambleside
5. View from the gardens at the Windemere visitors information centre
6. The lake by the visitor centre
7. A very bold little bird - they aren't as colourful here as they are at home
8. The view from our living room window
9. We even saw Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny!!





Fran, nb Tamara said...

Whilst at Windermere you must go to Lakeland Ltd, for all those kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed. Not far from Windermere railway station.

Elly and Mick said...

Ooh, thank you, thank you Fran.
We were hoping to stumble across a kitchen equipment shop - I hope they have things you do need and not only those you never knew you needed!

Jocasta said...

Hi there. I hope you found everything you needed at Lakeland for nb Parisien Star? It's definitely my favourite shop, excellent quality & value. Although the trick is to try and curb the feeling that you can't do without almost every item. I usually do a list from their website,which sometimes works..!
Jocasta nb Ptolemy