Tuesday 13 November 2012

Cratch cover decisions

After a fair amount of discussion, we've decided we're going to have a new cratch cover made. Now we need to decide who to have it made by, what to have it made of, and how we want it to look.

The last question is the easiest to answer.  We quite like the cratch cover we have now but it has plastic "windows" in the sides and we want to be able to cover those.  So we want roll down covers for the window panels.

What to have it made of is a little more difficult.  We really like the look of canvas covers but I'm guessing they wouldn't be totally waterproof.  It seems they can be treated with some sort of waterproofing but I wonder how well that works.

The plastic/PVC, or whatever it is, cover that we have now is good from the point of view of waterproofing but we notice that condensation is a problem on the under side of the cover.  We are forever getting wet backs as we climb in or out of the cratch area.

Opinions on the different materials would be great!

I've emailed a couple of suppliers to see what sort of price we'd be looking at.  We're hoping it can be done while we're at Aston Marina over Winter.


chas said...


I have very recently had a new cratch cover supplied and fitted by kinver canopies. Very pleased with results. .

No connection ...just a satisfied customer

Can be seen here

http://nbmoondarra.blogspot. co.uk/



Anonymous said...

Hi Elly,

Good to see you're enjoying yourselves, especially out in weather like this without a stove!

Re the new cratch cover, don't go for anything less than marine grade material. It is treated to be waterproof, & you can buy a product to keep it that way. Also, make sure the firm uses "twist & lock" fasteners rather than poppers.

Plastic will fade & go thin within 18 months or so. And poppers will rip off. We've seen it happen on other boats.

Hope this is helpful,
Heth x

Elly and Mick said...

Chas, thanks for the comment. We're in contact with them as one of the possibilities.

Heth, I've asked about the type of fasteners. Wonder if they charge more!


Anonymous said...

Yeh, sorry Elly they do charge more but it's worth it lol.


alan said...

Hi, Elly / Mick Just have covers fitted over the clear plastic its a lot cheaper. Alan.111

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