Friday 22 April 2011

Don't rush

I've mentioned this before but it is a recurring theme for us, and it seems too for our fellow Aussie planners.  Paul and Elaine (one day to be nb The Manly Ferry) have deferred their plans to head off to the UK at the end of September following the sale of their house falling through.  They have now decided to put their house back on the market in the new year and go from there.

When you want to go... you want to go!  We've toyed with various options to get us to the UK quicker - from taking Coco with us, to letting her go and live with someone else.  We just want to go... now... this year.  Me being all but unemployed at the moment has made that feeling even more intense.

But, we've discussed it every which way and although it seems agonizing to have to wait another year or two, or even longer, that's what we're going to do.  We don't want to put pressure on ourselves by rushing.  We'd feel bad if we left Coco and we don't think it would be fair on such an old dog to put her through another huge upheaval.  To go this year we'd have to hurry to get all the necessary preparations done.

Instead we will take our time to do those things and try and enjoy the process and anticipation.  We will be well prepared by the time we finally get there.

Good luck Paul and Elaine!


Paul and El said...

Thanks guys ! It's funny how 6 months can seem such a short time when you have to sell a house, belongings, cars etc but is an eternity when you have your heart and mind set on a new adventure !
PS: Sold the caravan this morning at 6 am !!! He was keen to pick it up to go away for Easter :)

nb Chance said...

Hi Elly and Mick
Sorry to hear of your frustrations about wanting to get started on a narrowboat, We do feel for you with Coco, it would break your heart if you had her re-homed and it wouldn't be fair for her to make the journey, I always think it would be fairer if they could sit next to you on the seat in the plane, rather than down below!! We have had the same dilema with Oscar for a few years now, even selling our last boat partly due to oscar getting on and maybe needing a vet quickly, but after more than 2 years he is thankfully still with us, and we have felt that we can do it all again and hopefully with him for a little while, he seems to enjoy being on the new boat, but then he takes to most things with ease! I am sure when the time is right and everything is all in place the experience will be all the more enjoyable. Best Wishes Doug

Elly and Mick said...

Paul & Elaine,
Good work on selling the caravan. It's just one thing at a time isn't it.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Doug,
I think it's especially frustrating for us because we decided on our narrowboat plan just a few months after we adopted Coco. We wouldn't have taken her if we'd known but it was too late. She's part of our family and there's just no turning back. Our circumstances aside from Coco are ideal for us to go this year. Oh well!