Wednesday 20 April 2011

Narrowboat related belongings

As I've been packing up our belongings I'm surprised at how many narrowboat or canal related things we have.  There is quite a pile of DVD's, and we're yet to get the Waterways Routes DVD's.  We have an enormous stack of magazines.  We have subscribed to Canal Boat magazine since we got home from our 2007 trip, and this year we also get Waterways World magazine.

When I went to have a farewell lunch with Diane last week she passed on a large box of Canals and Rivers magazines.  Having finished with their narrowboat research, and bought their boat, they had no need of them anymore.

Then there is books.  I'm an avid reader and have quite a few books relating to the canals - some of them are accounts of people's travels or adventures, and some are novels about life on the canals in the old days.  We have books about fitting out a narrowboat and photographic books about Britain's waterways.

I got looking on the internet tonight and ordered a couple of narrowboat teatowels.  I have my eye on a cross stitch too!

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