Tuesday 12 April 2011

Garage sale coming up

We've decided that over Easter we'll have a garage sale.  Our spare room has three piles rapidly growing : one for selling at a garage sale, one for packing away for our narrowboat, and one for putting into storage.

We had planned to sell off some of our excess belongings by having a garage sale since before Christmas.  There have been two good opportunities recently for weekends to have one but we missed them both - first because I was so stressed at work and the second crept up on us after I had resigned and was working hard at the office to get everything finished before I left.  Now with Easter on the horizon we thought we should take the opportunity.  There will be lots of visitors in the area for the Easter celebrations and this will be the last busy weekend in town for a few months.

So advert's in the two local papers, signs up on posts in town, and I'll drop off a flyer to the local antique stores.  We have been avid collectors of "old stuff" for years and it's time to thin down our collections.  If we don't have somewhere to display things, or if they aren't something we can get use from, then they'll be sold.  There's no point holding onto belongings we never see or use!

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