Monday 11 April 2011

Re-living a visit to Northern Pride & The Hedgerows

A little trip down memory lane today.  We're kind of glad Barry and Sandra of nb Northern Pride fame are 6 months (yes.... 6 months!!!) behind on their blog.  We got to re-live our visit to them last October. 

What a lovely day that was.  We had a nice walk along the towpath from Cowroast until we met up with them heading towards us.  A bit of a cruise... a couple of locks... lunch in a pub... coffee and chat on a narrowboat... lovely!

It's a strange thing to go into what appears from the outside to be a traditional English country pub to find that their menu is Thai food.  Apparently all too common these days.

Sandra has reminded me in her blog entry about what else we did that day.  We went to take a look at a housing development on the outskirts of Buckingham.  We'd driven past a couple of times but at inconvenient times and the office wasn't open so had arranged for a visit that afternoon on our way back from Cowroast.  The development was called The Hedgerows by Bellway Homes.  It was very interesting to see how new houses are built in England and we were impressed how they build them in a style sympathetic to the town housing style.  I don't know if this is the case with every development but we quite liked this one.  They were all a little different to each other - either in design or the colour of the brickwork. We thought they were lovely houses for the price.  One of the smaller ones would be perfect for a place to stay when visiting the UK if we won lotto next week!

Here are a couple of photos from the Bellway Homes website about the development.

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