Saturday 2 April 2011

Where can we go from England?

There is an added bonus for me in our plan to live on the canals. I'd love to see more of Europe and with the cheap / discount airfares available now I'm hoping we can manage a few breaks away. Australia is so far from anywhere that we'd be silly not to take advantage of being so close to all those European countries.

I'd definitely like to take the Eurostar to Paris, I've never been to Italy so would love to do that, and of course I have a very dear friend in Germany.  Claudia and I have been friends since the early days of high school.  We were pen friends for more than 10 years before we finally met in person.  Over the last 12 years I've had several trips to Europe and have included a visit to Germany in each trip.

I'm busy saving up my Qantas frequent flyer points so I can make regular trips across to Germany to visit Claudia while we are living on our narrowboat.  I'll definitely go over to spend some time checking out the German Christmas markets!

Mick's not been quite as keen to see other places but has come around to the idea.   Even he is now looking forward to exploring other countries while we're over there.

Can't wait!


Alleycat said...

Hi Elly & Mick, here are some places for consideration:

Amsterdam is a great city (and full of canals!), in fact lots of Holland is lovely and the bulbfields are worth seeing just for the sheer scale of them and the flower auctions.

I haven't been to Bruges myself but I know people who have any they give it rave reviews - it's Belgium's equivalent of Venice.

Switzerland is amazing - all of it although the area around Lake Lugano is a personal favourite.

I recently went to Slovakia on business and was impressed with Bratislava, the capital, it has a really nice old town. It's not far from the Austrian border and only 45mins by boat from Brat to Vienna.

Have you noticed a water theme going on here?!!


Alleycat said...

Ooooh - I forgot to give Scotland a mention! Dramatic scenery and lots of lochs full of well, water! And they have a very big canal.....


Tom and Jan said...

Qantas FF points. What a good idea and why didn't I think of using them in Europe?
OK it will cost 5000 points just to make the booking but we should have sufficient points for at least one flight.

Thank for the idea!

Tom & Jan