Friday 8 April 2011

Fellow Aussie narrowboat planners

We've been in contact with a few other couples planning their own narrowboat adventures.  This year 3 of the 4 couples we're in touch with will be heading off to England. 

Firstly Ray and Diane will soon be flying off to collect Gypsy Rover from the marina where she's been since November.  Diane will be seeing the boat for the first time.  I can only imagine how exciting that must be!  They are the couple closest in circumstances to our own.  They sold up their house, bought a cheaper one, and bought a second hand boat.  Circumstances have bought Ray back to Australia for a few months but soon they'll both be off to start their travels.

Next there is Tom and Jan from Adelaide.  They are having a brand new boat (nb Waiouru) built.  Wouldn't we love to be doing that!  It isn't an easy process though, when they are so far from the UK.  Everything has to be planned and decided from afar.  The build process has taken much longer than originally planned.  Their house being packed up, and they'll be in the UK at the end of May but Waiouru isn't going to be finished.   Now they need to find temporary accomodation - not an easy task heading into the UK Summer.  Good luck to you both!

Paul and Elaine from Sydney told us when we first "met" them via the blog, that their time frame was similar to ours.  Very quickly things changed and they decided to take advantage of the favourable exchange rate and go this year.  They have a menagerie of dogs and cats who will all be going narrowboating so the new time frame is dictated by the animals' rabies shots.  The house is on the market so they're all well on the way.  They have also just started a blog and chosen a name for the narrowboat they buy.  It will be called The Manly Ferry!

The last of the Aussie planners who have contacted us are Neal and Marie.  We were all pretty amazed to discover we both live in the Victorian Goldfields.  Small world it is.  Neal and Marie have an old dog to wait for too.  They'll be taking their teenage son with them so they are the first couple we've been in touch with who have a child going with them.

There won't be many of us left by the end of the year!  Hopefully some new people will contact us.  Do leave a comment if you're reading.

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Jennifer and Peter said...

Hello Paul and Elaine and all other Aussies reading this great blog. We are your "downunder" downunder prospective canalboat owners, Jennifer and Peter in Tasmania. We are also in the final stages of buying a secondhand 55' canalboat.