Monday 18 April 2011

Before and after

While rumaging through boxes for our garage sale I found the photo album I started with photos of our house when we first bought it in 1999 and the progress of our renovations.  Wow, I'd forgotten how bad it was!

I can't get to my scanner at the moment to scan these photos so I just took a couple of pretty bad photos through the plastic of the album with my camera.  You can get the general idea though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elly & Mick,
Just discovered your blog on UKWRS & done the "Follow" thing. Your story sounds similar to ours in 2007 / 2008. I called it "house cleansing" lol. Still haven't sold the darn thing yet, can't wait to get shut of it.. We've lived aboard for over 2 years & haven't regretted a moment of it..


Elly and Mick said...

Hi Heth,
I had a look back at your blog entries for that time. Sounds like you were ruthless! We're storing our household but we have about the equivalent of two households at the moment. I'm hoping the garage sale will net us some money towards our next UK airfare.

Anonymous said...

At first I was cautious, then over many months it morphed into ruthless! "Spare this & spare that" all junk saved up for JIC made up almost half of it.
Then there's things you've saved for years with bits missing etc etc. I've kept all the sentimental stuff tho, mainly to do with the kids. I've even got a basket with about 2000 photos in it under the bed, that's in the days when we printed off photos lol. Couldn't part with those - even got their primary school books... Aww big softy me, it helps that TT is a widebeam so there's double the storage space than a narrowboat & its all hidden away, he he. I don't do the "save it JIC" thing anymore tho cos it just isn't worth it.
I was reading thru some of my earlier posts from 2007 the other day - jeez I was crap at writing then lol.
Good luck with everything