Thursday 5 July 2012

Lockgate vs. solid fuel stove

We are interested to hear opinions about lockgate stoves on narrowboats.  We often see boats for sale having one and had thought that we should replace it with a small solid fuel stove.    I like to be able to put a kettle or a pot of soup on a wood burning stove. 

What sort of heat do the Lockgates give off? 
Is it a dry heat like a wood fire? 
Is there any diesel smell?
Is a Lockgate stove a good supplement to a central heating system?
We definitely don't want the central heating to run off a Lockgate heater.  We want to have 2 sources of heating in case of a problem with one.  But, with a Lockgate stove it's likely to be both soures reliant on diesel.  What if you're iced in and not able to fill your diesel tank?  Would it not be easier to collect a bag of coal for a solid fuel stove?
Opinions greatly appreciated.

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Adam said...

This page (which is from a few years ago, so prices have changed) might be useful to you, written by a liveaboard boater: