Sunday 5 January 2014

A quiet farmers market

When we walked up to the marina office this morning we had a chat with Tony, the owner of the lovely chocolate labrador we befriended last year.  Breeze is so excitable and friendly!  They have a new guide dog puppy called Zia and last year's pup, Jilly, is doing well in her training.

Today was the Stone farmers market so we drove in to check it out.  We haven't walked into Stone since we got the car so we decided to park in the very back corner of Morrisons so we'd have to walk a bit further.  There were only about 1/4 of the stalls from last time.  I think in the past they haven't had the monthly market in January so perhaps that's what kept the numbers away.  We had a browse anyway and picked up the few things we needed in Morrisons.

There's been a bit of movement of the share boats today and yesterday.  I watched a very creative manouvre by a hire boat yesterday.  They decided to wind in the entrance to the marina, obviously not realizing that you can just cruise straight in that entrance and out the other side.  Much easier.  Two of the crew stepped off the boat onto the grassy bank at the entrance and tried to physically hold the stern of the boat against the concrete entrance.  I had visions of them falling in!  Trying to reverse a hire boat into a marina entrance isn't such an easy thing. 

I caught up on some work this afternoon in between waving through the windows to the little grand daughters on nb Winton's Folly.

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