Thursday 16 January 2014

Back in marina

Aston Marina to Stone visitor moorings: 2 miles, 2 locks
To date : 961 miles, 678 locks 

We got our mornings errands done in Stone. Mick had no luck with the dentist who refused to witness our document because he hadn't known Mick for 2 years.? He had more luck with having his teeth checked and cleaned, costing a whole £18. He did say they were no way near as thorough as his dentist at home but the cost would have been half what we it costs at our dentist.

I decided to try the bank for our document. The list of possible witnesses includes school principal, solicitor, pharmacist. The bank said its their policy not to witness documents. We had agreed we would give it one more go, so three attempts, before telling them they'd need to sort the problem themselves back home. It seemed things are different here and nobody wants to witness a document unless they've known you for 2 years. Goodness knows what new migrants are supposed to do. On the way back I passed a pharmacy and thought I'd give it one more go. He was a very helpful fellow and seeing my folder of ID and hearing my explanation, he readily agreed to witness the document.  Finally!

We had lunch back at the boat and headed off back to the marina. We hovered mid canal to chat with Barry when we passed them. He's not keen on reversing the boat so they had opted for mooring down by the scout hall.

Wednesday was a quiet day of catching up with washing.  We went for a walk to Aston village when I'd finished my work for the day.  The marina field was good and muddy with the worst spot just by the marina being so bad there's really nowhere to step any more that doesn't sink into mud.  I was glad I'd worn my old walking shoes.  They haven't been out of the cupboard since my dunking in the canal a few months back.

The river that runs by the canal had a good flow going but there hasn't been all that much rain lately so it isn't high.  The little footpath beside the lowest point of the road appears to have been cleared in readiness for flooding.  When we came this way a few weeks ago it was so overgrown that you couldn't walk on it.

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K1 said...

I went to a solicitor and it cost me 5 pounds