Saturday 4 January 2014


Today I saw my first pantomime!  There was great reviews from Diane on nb Ferndale of Sleeping Beauty - the Rock and Roll version - so when Carol asked if I'd like to go with them at the last minute I couldn't resist.  It was at the theatre in Stafford and was good fun.  I'm glad I went because it will be the last chance before our time in England is over and for years we've heard of Aussie soap stars coming to the UK for the panto season.

I've  come across a little magazine from 2009 called "50 Suppers for under £5". It sounds so quaint to say "supper" instead of dinner or tea.  Very English.  With our budget being diminished with our tenants having moved out I thought it worth keeping for inspiration.  We have now made two of the recipes and they've both been really good so I will resume my recipe blog entries so we can remember them when we go home.

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