Monday 27 January 2014

Australia Day

It's Australia Day today.  Feels a bit strange on the other side of the world.  With tomorrow being Monday, there'll be an Aussie boaters afternoon tea so I've been busy baking Anzacs.  I've now tried three recipes since we've been in the UK and none of them taste quite right.  I think it's the golden syrup.  I've noticed the colour and taste is much lighter and the smell of the biscuits baking isn't as rich.  I guess nobody else (except the other Aussies) will know any different.

It was a rainy old day for the most part. During a lull in the bad weather we went for a good walk. I won't miss the mud when we go home.

We're in the throes of an enormous sort out of our belongings.  One by one each cupboard or storage spot is being turned upside down. We will be sending a couple of boxes of stuff home next week.  It's amazing the quantity of items that fit into the cupboards on the boat!  I found the box of "Australiana" for tomorrow.... flags etc to hang up around the cedar hut. It's Diane and my job to do the decorating.

Mick is looking forward to his decking job at Lynne's and is off tomorrow to sort out some materials. I think it's made him feel useful. He does love work.

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