Sunday 19 January 2014

Day out with Andy and Jean

We had a lovely day out today with Andy and Jean from nb Josephine.  They were going shopping and to check out Dobbies Garden Centre, kindly inviting us along.

I got some work done first while Mick pottered about.  Barry knocked on the window telling me to come out and pat some puppies. It was Tony with Breeze and today he had his wife Hazel along with guide dog puppy, Zia.  Mick was enjoying making a fuss of the dogs and it was nice to meet the new addition to the family.

We headed out with Andy and Jean about 11am, first to Stafford. We hadn't checked out the museum in the centre of town so did that while they did their shopping.  It was worth a visit to see the fabulous old building.  There were amazing old 250 year old wallpapers preserved in small sections.  After a quick stop in Asda we went on to the garden centre. We had a good browse and then sat in the restaurant for lunch and a chat.

It was a great chance to get out and as usual we enjoyed Andy and Jean's company.  Thanks so much guys!

A bit of a photo catch up from the other day with a couple of the breezy morning Barry and Carol came back into the marina.

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