Tuesday 7 January 2014

Local news

There's been a couple of items of interest that we want to remember when we're home again.

Firstly a man and his dog died from carbon monoxide poisoning on a narrowboat in Banbury.  It's a sad reminder how careful we need to be and how important it is to have a carbon monoxide alarm.  I'm sure there's plenty of boaters checking theirs this week as many bloggers have mentioned the tragedy.

The other thing worth remembering is the weather!  Day after day the news is full of stories of towns and villages awash.  We've not had all that much rain here in Stone but along the coast they're in trouble.  There's rivers bursting their banks, tidal surges menacing coastal towns, and homes flooded and without power.  Look at these pictures below of a young man having to be rescued after walking to the end of a jetty to take photos!  And the last photo of Tewkesbury Abbey left standing on an island after the Severn burst its banks.

The Mirror


Daily Mail - Tewkesbury

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