Tuesday 21 January 2014

Stitching, stitching

Mick walked into Stone this morning while I was meant to be working.  I spied Carol through the window and she came over for a cup of tea while Barry was off to the dentist. So much for getting work done!  The boys returned to find us gossiping at the dinette. 

Lunchtime came before we knew it and I still hadn't done any work at all.  Where does the time go?!  I went up to the cedar huts for an hour at afternoon tea.  A very quiet one it was, perhaps the others have all returned to their pub visits on Monday afternoons.  It was nice to have a quiet chat with Gil and Barb.  Gil, thanks for the little book.

So then I really did have to get some more work done. Perhaps there'll be a bit of catching up tomorrow and Wednesday.

With the snooker having been on all week, I've had plenty of time for stitching my quilt.  I've made good progress and just hope I can keep it up when we get home.  I'm almost on track now to get this project finished in 10 years like I hoped.... almost.  I also have in mind to send the fabric home that I won't need for the remaining few months of our trip so have been busy cutting so I've got plenty to do until June.

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