Thursday 23 January 2014

Where's the Winter?

Another mild day today. We are beginning to wonder where the Winter is although there has been talk of snow next week. We'll see.  The forecast for the next few days looks mild enough but a bit of rain on the horizon.

Mick went off for a walk this morning, leaving me to work in peace.  This afternoon I took the rubbish across to the bins, stopping for a chat with Dot on the way back. I hadn't seen her for a while. Clare from nb Foxglove appeared along the marina driveway returning from taking Wish for a walk. She came in for a cup of tea and a good natter. Wish came in for some attention!

I walked Clare home to collect our spare tv aerial that she and Roy had tried out on their boat and by then it was beginning to drizzle.  The days are getting a bit longer and it is still light at 4.30 and later.  I love the marina on a still evening.  These photos were from Monday night and Tuesday morning.

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