Friday 3 January 2014

Still mild

Yesterday was a quiet day.  It was a gloomy and rainy day but still not that cold.  We caught up with Andy and Jean on nb Josephine last night.  I'm not quite sure where 4 hours disappeared to but all of a sudden it was 11.30pm! 

With this morning dawning bright and sunny we decided to go to Trentham Gardens for a walk, a browse and some lunch.  Barry and Carol came along with us and after some shopping we met up with them at Pie Minister for lunch. 

The garden centre store had a forest of artificial Christmas trees on sale.  I'm sure they don't make them as realistic looking at home!  I tricked Mick into standing beside a very appropriate sign.  He thought I was taking a photo of one of the signs behind him and I stepped back at the last moment to capture the one I really wanted.  Gave us both a giggle.  We really like one of the shops in the shopping mall but I now can't recall what it's called.  It's a bit like a giant farm shop and well worth a browse even if it is a bit pricey.

I had a phone call from Claudia, my German friend, and we chatted about us going to visit her next month.  So... this evening I knuckled down and trawled the internet to make flight bookings and a hotel booking.  When I saw we could get cheap flights with KLM that involved a stop in Amsterdam we decided to leave the plane there and spend the weekend in Amsterdam and then take a train to Frankfurt.  It worked out cheaper than booking two one way flights.  I've only had a one day visit to Amsterdam before and loved it so it will be nice to have a couple of days this time.  Hope the weather isn't too terrible!

Meanwhile our pet swans continue to tap on the kitchen window for attention.

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