Monday 24 February 2014

A blustery day

We slept late today...... Mick catching up on missed sleep from the night before when he was still feeling unwell.... and me awake half the night feeling awful.  By the middle of the day I felt better. We didn't do anything much all day.

It feels really quiet without Barry and Carol next door. They've gone off to Tenerife for two weeks.  Next time we meet will be on the cut.

We had a good chat with a couple who were checking out marinas and had driven from their home to look at this one.  They had seen it when they cruised past last year.  They had a look around the boat and we chatted about our respective cruising over the past year. It was great to meet you Richard and Linda!

This afternoon we had a look at our cruise guides to work out a plan for the next few weeks. We are looking forward to meeting up with our Kiwi friends. We will be on our way out of Manchester when they arrive but they'll have a hire car.  We need to keep moving on in order to reach Crick for the beginning of May if we haven't sold the boat by then.  It's starting to feel a bit more real... we are going to be parting ways with our floating home in a couple of months time!

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