Monday 3 February 2014

Windy weather again

Friday was dreadful weather as we drove back to the marina and the wind buffeted the boat about for the rest of the day.  It's always chaotic trying to unpack when we've been away and this time we had all the bags and suitcases that we had used to transport the stuff to be shipped. It was a relief when we finally got it all put away.  What a great feeling to see the cupboards contents dwindled. So now all we can take home with us when we go is what will fit in a suitcase.

Saturday morning was the Stone farmers market and we had been hoping the weather would be kind. Our walk into Stone was lovely and it stayed that way all morning.   We enjoyed the market, picking up some goodies. Not long after we were back onboard having lunch and the weather began to turn. The afternoon wasn't too good.  I had a pile of paperwork to sort out for our shipping so that kept me busy.

The afternoon was windy again and one poor share boater had a tough time trying to get out of the marina. He reversed from his berth ok with the wind at his stern but as soon as he turned the boat the wind slammed him sideways into the bows and sterns of the boats moored along his jetty.  It was a struggle to get moving again.

Being the 1st of February, Saturday marked one month until we will be leaving the marina. We just hope we have good weather by then.

We had a message from Martin and Cathy on nb Moriarty saying they were back from their big holiday.  This morning, Sunday, they came over for coffee and a catchup. It sounds like they had a wonderful time on their cruise through the Panama Canal. Good to see you both again!

We have been watching a rerun of Australian Masterchef.  It's making us hanker for home.... and for a visit to Tasmania where the show is being filmed this week.  It's such a lovely place.

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