Wednesday 12 February 2014

Bad Dürkheim and Freinsheim

We had a bit of discussion about what to see today.  In the end we decided on a visit to Bad Dürkheim where there is the ruin of an old castle.  We had a steep walk up the hill to the castle and an interesting wander around the ruins.  Mick spied a timber mill way down below and then wanted to sit in the carpark and wait for the show as a large truck had become well bogged at the end of the little carpark and the driver was waiting patiently for a crane to pull him out.

On the way out of the village we stopped to look at the newly rebuilt salt "graduation tower" .... a huge, long timber building with salt water dripping down panels along the length of a walkway.  It is apparently very good for you to walk along and inhale the salty spray.  We had a look around some roman ruins from the 4th cenury AD.  Nothing like that in Australia!

A last moment decision was made to detour to Freinsheim for a walk around the walled town.  It was extremely quiet on a weekday but what looked like a tiny little shop from the street was a bit of a tardis and we enjoyed the browse..... well, Claudia and I did anyway!

This morning Mick measured up to do a little job for Claudia.  One of her basement store rooms is to be turned into a guest room and she wants the pipework that runs along the ceiling on one side to be boxed in.  So this afternoon he went off with Adolf (Claudia`s dad) and Claudia as tanslater, to pick up the materials.  It seems they did ok. Tomorrow there will be an interesting working bee.

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