Friday 7 February 2014

Micks jobs

Mick has been happily doing some little jobs for a couple of boaters, I've been getting some work done before we go away and we've been catching up with people.

Tuesday night we played cards with Barry and Carol. We will be lucky if we have one more card night before it's time to leave the marina!  We waved them off Wednesday morning as they went off to visit family again.

Wednesday morning Mick went to do a little silicone job on the shower in nb Shoehorn. After lunch I had my work for the day complete so went along with him to his next job. This time it was a couple of vents under the dinette seats on nb Moriarty. We had a good natter with Martin and Cathy.

Today I've spent time packing for our trip away and putting away things for our Kiwi friends arriving next month.... that was in between getting some work done.  This afternoon I had coffee and a Bakewell tart on nb Foxglove with Clare.

It's strange to think a lot of these folk we will only see a couple more times. We have less than 2 weeks in the marina when we return from Germany and then we will be off cruising.

We learned a bit of a lesson yesterday.... well, I did! Our outgoing flight to Frankfurt had a plane change in Amsterdam. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss so I talked Mick into the weekend in Amsterdam on the way to Frankfurt. We could just forfeit the ongoing flight and we have booked a train for Monday to get to Frankfurt.  I contacted the airline to ask how we ensure we will be able to get our luggage off at Amsterdam and got a bit of a shock. You can't do it! If you don't get on the connecting flight you forfeit the rest of the booking and the fee for having the luggage retrieved was over £100 each!!!   We had a quick discussion and with a bit of re-jigging we can now do it but with hand luggage only. It's not ideal for 9 days in Winter but we will make do.  A very important lesson learned. You have to use all flights on your booking in sequence for most discount flight bookings. To be honest I don't see what difference it makes to the airline but rules are rules.

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Peter Berry said...

Hi Elly. We spent 2 weeks in Spain last October with only 10kg hand luggage each after careful planning. We had no trouble at all, and even brought back a couple of unworn items. We intend doing the same on our full month trip there this October, but our apartment does have the benefit of a washing machine. It is great being able to leave the aircraft and not have to wait for the luggage carousel.