Wednesday 19 February 2014

Thinking of cruising

We are settled back in and preparing for our last stretch in the marina.  How exciting to be heading out again at the end of the month!

It was a quiet day yesterday of catching up with chores and me working. 

Today we decided to walk into Stone for the couple of items we forgot when we placed our Ocado order which came yesterday.  As we were locking up the boat to leave nb Moriarty cruised in the marina entrance after topping up their diesel.  We walked around to watch them moor up.... no pressure then.... and they came along for the walk into Stone.  It was right balmy as we walked and everyone was peeling their coats off!

We had a cup of tea with Carol this afternoon... printing their accomodation bookings and rumaging through storage containers in the hope of resolving their problem of their pram hood zip catching in the rear doors.  A couple of wooden beads did the trick.

Late afternoon was just glorious today.  The sky was blue with some puffy clouds and the marina surface was like glass.  We stood outside on the pontoon chatting to Barry and spied Missy and Milo, the little kitties from nb Josephine, romping along the newly built fence enclosing the cedar huts.  They noticed me looking at them and rushed down for attention.  They literally ran along the pontoon.  Such curious little guys they are, hopping on and off the boats along the pontoon.  Our rear door was open and Missy just strolled right in. 

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Andrew and Jean Watts nb Josephine No.1 said...

Lovely pics of Milo and Missy. If they disappear next Thursday we'll know whose luggage they are in !!! It has been a pleasure knowing you both. J and A