Friday 21 February 2014

A glorious afternoon

Mick was feeling slightly better this morning, having gone to bed at 7pm last night.  We decided to walk to Aldi late morning.  We kept fingers crossed that the rain would stay away and it did.  On our way back we encountered Andy and Jean coming the opposite way so stopped for a chat.  Next came Paul with Bombo and Sammy.   It was a good day for walking and with not too much rain lately the marina field wasn't too bad.

As the afternoon wore out the sun streamed in. It was just lovely inside.  A bit windy out though. I had another sort through the tardis cupboard behind my armchair and washed and ironed the new batch of quilt fabric I brought back from our trip.

The resident swans have been visiting regularly.... knocking on the side of the boat to get our attention.  We have even started closing the living room blind at night because if they are sitting on the hill on the other side of the marina entrance and see us walking around through the window they come rushing over and start knocking. The youngsters are long gone now.

I found our canal map. Orange was our cruise for 6 weeks at the end of 2012, pink was our cruise for 2013.  With just a few weeks of cruising left I'll have a bit more to add before the end.

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