Wednesday 12 February 2014

Heidelberg and the German job

Today Mick had a job to do. With his usual enthusiasm for work he was down in the basement before breakfast and making a racket drilling and hammering. I feared he would disturb the boarders!  Claudia's dad arrived a couple of hours later and I'm sure he was upset he had missed some of the action. He has had a stroke and although his spirit says he could have done this job himself, his body just isn't up to it.  How frustrating it must be to watch someone else having all the fun. He had to be content with supervising and there was a bit of sign language comedy in order for Mick to explain what tools he needed.

I walked into town in search of a new wheelie case. I had a folding bag that I'd borrowed from Claudia last visit and had intended to bring back to her in our suitcase. With the last minute discovery that we could only bring cabin baggage I had used the folding bag. I found one at a reasonable price so we are all set for our return trip to the boat.

The basement job was finished by the middle of the day so after a late lunch, a walk down to the Rhine and a wander around the cathedral we went to Heidelberg late afternoon. It's one of my favourite places and the one mile long pedestrian street of shops is an enjoyable stroll. No visit to Heidelberg is complete without a stop in the Christmas shop!

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