Thursday 13 February 2014


This morning we had a walk around the palace gardens at Schwetzingen. The forecast for today wasn't good but we were lucky to miss the rain until after our walk. I ducked into the quilt store in the street where we had parked the car and bought a piece of fabric for my quilt.

Claudia had to go to work for the afternoon so Mick got busy putting together a bookshelf and a bed that were in pieces in the basement. The rain continued on for the rest of the day. We walked to the supermarket in the pouring rain but it had stopped for a while when we walked back.

We couldn't let a visit go by without playing Tamara's favourite board game so after dinner we got it out. It's a bit comical trying to play a game that involves reading instructions in German. I think the whole thing was beyond Mick!

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