Tuesday 25 February 2014

Join the queue

I had a good days work today. Very satisfying!

Mick got on to some maintenance chores... cleaning out the shower pump... re-doing some of the connections which didn't look too secure... checking the bilge.  With perfect timing Andy from nb Josephine said he was going to the chandlery for coal so Mick went along to get us some too and picked up a new hose to replace the one he had been trying to fix on the shower pump.

While he was out I heard the familiar chug of a "proper" narrowboat engine.  It was nb Foxglove returning from their jaunt into Stone. 

I had offered some vacuum storage bags and the Perspex sheet I'd used to cover a jigsaw puzzle on the dinette table to Cathy on nb Moriarty. In the afternoon she sent a message asking if it was a convenient time to come and collect them.  I had just packed away my work for the day so the timing was perfect.  A quick cuppa stretched on through the afternoon for an enjoyable catchup over beer and more coffee. Seems we might have some more guests lined up for the bungalow that's not even built yet back home!  We will so much look forward to see our boaty friends again once this adventure is over.

It looks like there's rain back at home.  The garden will be relieved!

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