Thursday 20 February 2014

Maybe man flu!

Mick has been feeling increasingly unwell today.. Perhaps the onset of a dose of man flu.

I worked most of the day with the sound of young Molly, Barry and Carol's granddaughter, giggling in the background. Her choice of ultimate treat for good behaviour was a sleepover on Nanny's boat.  She came knocking on our side hatch a few times.... to give us her cut out picture of us.... to show us her new clothes... and to say goodbye when it was time to go home. Such a cutie she is.

I've also nearly finished sorting the photos from our trip away and started putting them on the blog.  What a chore when there's so many days worth at once!

We have both been thinking of home today after watching "Wanted Down Under" on tv this morning. They were having a barbeque!  Goodness, if I could choose anything on earth for dinner right now it would have to be a proper Aussie barbeque!!

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