Wednesday 5 February 2014

Workday Tuesday

I had a dreadful sleep last night.  I just couldn't get to sleep!  I have a terrible habit of letting an unpleasant encounter go round and round in my head and after a totally unexpected run-in yesterday (in the marina laundry!) that's exactly what happened.  Oh well.  I shouldn't take things to heart so much.

This morning I struggled to get motivated but did sit down to my work.  It cheered me up a bit to find my friend from home, Vicki, online and we had a bit of a typed chat.  It's just not the same as sitting down to a cuppa though.  She has her third guide dog puppy, Shenya, so I'm looking forward to meeting this one when we get home.  I totally missed the last one, April, who is off on her training now.

After lunch Mick and I went for a good walk and I felt better after the brisk temperature outside.  I got my work finished after we returned and this evening we played cards with Barry and Carol.  They're off for a couple of days again tomorrow, having just got back to the boat yesterday afternoon.  When they return on Friday we will have already left for the airport for our flight to Amsterdam.  It's a bit of a pain having a morning flight as we'll be traipsing through the mud in the marina field with our luggage at 7.15am on Friday to be sure to get our train at 8.25am.  First a walk across the field, then a bus to Stafford, then a train to the airport, then the flight to Amsterdam.


Roger from Crown said...

Hi Guys,
Paul from airport transfers took us from Aston to Manchester Airport back in October. very professional and reasonable prices too.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Roger,
Pity we'd already booked our train tickets! Never mind. Someone has very kindly offered to drive us to the station in Stafford.