Monday 24 March 2014

A weekend at Marple

We have enjoyed a weekend at Marple Junction. It's such.a pretty place.  Last night we had dinner at the Ring 'o Bells pub with Barry (Carol was back at Stone on babysitting duties). 

The weather was up and down like a yo yo today.  We had blue sky, sunshine, rain, sun, cloud, hail, blue sky.  I caught up on work and we had lunch with Jess and Stu, who had come from Sheffield, at a pub in Marple.  There was a bit of a muddle about the meals but you can't win them all.  They came back to have a look at the boat and a cup of coffee and chat. 

We had cooked up a plan with Carol before she left for Indian takeaway to be delivered Sunday night.  A bit of a novelty having home delivery to a boat but that means 3 meals we haven't cooked in 2 days!  We've been so good with our budget over Winter that we don't mind the splurge.  I suspect the Indian restaurant are used to boaters calling up for takeaway.  They didn't bat an eyelid!  Mick's been a bit nervous of Indian since his experience at an Indian restaurant last year.  This meal was delicious and even he enjoyed it.

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