Thursday 13 March 2014

Still sunny

Endon services to Milton : 4 miles, 6 locks
To date : 1008 miles, 724 locks

Despite the slightly frosty start to the day, it was another gorgeous day cruising.  We couldn't ask for better weather at this time of year! Just look at what I had to say a year ago : "This morning the marina was frozen over again.  I was awake early and it looked so lovely out that I decided to get out for a walk.  I looked at the outdoor temperature on our weather station and it said -4.6 degrees........ As I took a few photos of the marina under ice I heard a quacking duck.  There he was walking carefully across the ice, quacking as he went.  Some company arrived a few minutes later, slipping and sliding across the ice." 

We were up bright and early again.  It was an enjoyable 3 hours or so to reach Milton where we had moored on our way in.  The lock work was lovely in the sun.  It was just so peaceful.  At the centre lock of the Stockton Brook five we made a cup of coffee and sat out enjoying it.  With it being so quiet there was little chance of a boat coming along and needing the lock.  And, there's no need to tie the boat up once it's closed in the lock.  There's a very nice work of art beside lock 6 and in the middle lock it was great to see so many of the stones with their masons marks.

We're noticing more birdlife out now and today we even saw a first nest with a little moorhen sitting on it.  I wasn't quick enough with the camera.  I've been using the old camera today (it seems to be working just fine now after having such trouble with it that I went out and bought a new one!) as mine needed a charge up.  The old one isn't as fast as the new one and that second or two delay is enough to miss a photo opportunity.

Once we reached Milton, and after we'd had a leisurely lunch, I had work to do and Mick got stuck into his chores.  He wanted to paint the black from the gunwales down.  They've had a few bumps and scrapes.  This was the perfect spot for it.  The sun was on the other side of the boat and we are moored against neat concrete edging.  It would be nice if we could get a similar mooring on the other side in the next few days.

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