Saturday 15 March 2014

Our last day at Festival Park

We've really enjoyed the times we've been moored here at Festival Park.  Today was our very last time as we'll be heading off again tomorrow.
I walked the mile or so into Hanley and enjoyed a couple of hours of browsing and shopping on my own.  Bliss!  Nobody was rushing me or huffing and puffing or complaining.  I left the "huffer and puffer" back at the boat.  He had decided to paint the other side of the boat despite the slightly awkward height of the concrete edging. 

It was sunny again for a lot of the day.  I enjoyed the walk into Hanley and it seemed everyone was out in the sunshine.  There was a busker singing country and western and as I turned to walk back to the boat a tiny, sweet little lady was dancing her heart out.  The gathered crowd were far more interested in her than the singer.  She should have received a cut of the takings.

After lunch we both walked to Morrisons for some additional provisions.  I'd bought a couple of days worth of M&S meals but we needed some other things too.  Mum, the last photo is for you.... this is how they buy teabags in England!!

I had an email from my employer asking how many days and which days I'll work when we get home.  I think they might be looking forward to me being in the office again.

We've also been in touch with two lovely Aussie couples, both arriving in the next few weeks to begin their own adventures.  Kelvin & Rachael, Glyn and Evelyn, we remember all too well the excitement of starting out on this journey and wish you all the very best with your own.  And.... we're eagerly anticipating the arrival of our Kiwi buddies in less than 2 weeks time.  Can't wait to see you Clive, Marie, Charissa and Kyle! 

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