Thursday 20 March 2014

Got our crusing buddies back!

Congleton to Bottom Bosley Locks : 4 miles, 0 locks
To date : 1028 miles, 728 locks 

Bit of a catchup......

We enjoyed our "day in port" Monday.  I had a walk into town and did some work.  Mick cleaned windows and polished the boat.  About lunchtime a familiar boat pulled in behind us... we have our cruising buddies back.  It's lovely to see Barry and Carol again.  We're going to really miss them when we go home!

We had a catch up over a cup of tea before returning to our respective jobs for the afternoon.  Mick and Barry went to the pub for a game of pool while Carol and I had a chat, tea, and a planning session.  Micks been grizzling about it ever since.  Barry beat him!

Tuesday was a windy and rainy day.  The forecast didn't look too good.  We decided we would go ahead early before the rain really set in so we could moor at the bottom of Bosley Locks.  The sleepy heads on the boat behind left at 3pm in the hope that the rain would have eased.  It did drizzle on the way and we made a stop for water.  The rain went on and off most of the day.

We had a chat with a couple we met at Aston Marina last year. I now can't for the life of me remember their names but they were managing a pub in Stafford then. Now they're both doing new jobs and getting the boat out do the marina when they can.

Working boat Alton passed us while we were moored too.  Shame we had already stocked up on coal, we would rather have given our money to them.  Mick had a passing chat with Brian out the kitchen window.

There's a resident duck couple at this mooring at Bosley. She is the boldest little thing I've seen.  While I was working at the dinette she sat right outside the window looking in.  She's been following us out on the towpath like a little dog.  We played cards on Winton's Folly last night and when we came home in the dark I shone my torch on something on the path beside our boat and there she was again coming towards me!

Its a very pretty mooring at the bottom of the locks.  Lovely views from one side of the boat.

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