Wednesday 13 March 2013

A day out with Roly and Bev

Roly and Bev (nb Klara) very kindly asked if I'd like to come with them for a day out to Stafford and then lunch at the Radford Bank pub.  

We had a wander around the shops in Stafford, then a visit to Asda, an electrical place (can't remember the name) and then B&Q to buy some timber strips for Ray and Diane.  I've discovered that Roly is a shopaholic!  Boy was he in his element.  His favourite purchase for the day was a pair of battery operated heated gloves.  The photo below says it all.

Rob and Sally joined us at the Radford.  It's a carvery and I couldn't believe the price : £3.69!!  Talk about cheap and cheerful.  I'll have to mark it in our cruise guide.

After a good old natter at the pub we returned and I spent the remainder of the day working - catching up in preparation for a few days off next week.  I'm going to Italy on Wednesday for a few days with Claudia, my German friend, and her daughter Tamara.  We're going to Lake Garda.  What a treat!  I'll come back on the Sunday and leave them to the remainder of their holiday.  Mick will be arriving 5am Monday morning so after 7 weeks I thought I should make sure I'm there to meet him.  Those 7 weeks seemed an eternity at the time he left but they've gone fairly quickly for me because I've kept busy and had a couple of side trips.  Mick's finding it harder.  We'll both be glad when he's back on deck and we can go out cruising.  If only the weather would ease up.

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