Sunday 31 March 2013

A new view

Things are looking a little different around the marina.  Firstly, they've been doing some work to the area behind our pontoon.  Two of the cedar huts have been moved and it looks like they're setting up a quite an area for functions.  There is a large area for a marquee to be erected, new fences and some unsightly pipework covered and cleverly disguised as a wishing well (yes, guys... .it's a wishing well!).  I'll have to take some photos.

With nb Stanley out cruising, the view from the front of the boat has changed too.  It's strange looking out and not seeing Stanley there.

We did a big shopping expedition this morning into Stone.  On our list were the hardware store, chandlery, supermarket, outdoor store and coffee at Costa.  Actually, coffee at Costa was first as we were early and a lot of the stores hadn't opened yet.  We walked up and down and round again before finally having everything... almost... that we needed and could head back.  It was lovely and sunny as we walked so it was a pleasant morning out.

This afternoon Mick got stuck into his mental list of jobs.  He has cleaned out every waste pipe on the boat so the kitchen sink and bathroom basin and shower all drain perfectly.  With all the loo seals having been replaced a few weeks ago we'll be all ready to go.  Mick also installed an extra bolt on the rear hatch, and a couple of spring clips to store our umbrellas.  Next will be a clip to hold the tiller bar.  We've emptied and re-packed most of the cupboards too.

For those back home, his obsession with maintenance and tidyness will be no surprise!

I have been busy washing and ironing my new delivery of background fabric for my quilt.  Corliss at Threadbear back home kindly chose some for me and Mick brought it back with him.  I figure I'll be able to find coloured scraps as I go but I'm fussy about the background so thought I'd make sure I have a decent stock.  It's always so exciting to have a new pile of fabric. I've made good progress on my quilt blocks in the 6 months since we arrived in the UK. 

Mick got to say hello to his current favourite dog.  "Breeze" and her owner were walking along the path as we were zipping up the pram cover so Mick went back out to say hello.  She was extremely excited to see him.

Photos :
1. Six months work on my quilt (what luck that we have a fold-out ironing board!)
2. New fabric!
3. Breeze has spotted Mick
4. The new view
5. We're now looking at nb Potwell Inn

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