Wednesday 6 March 2013

A quiet boaters tea party

I had an Ocado delivery in the morning and the driver must have seen a tea break coming up because he didn't realize that there were three deliveries at the one place - me, Jim and Joan, Gill and Malcolm.  Banjo and I walked into Stone once the groceries were away.  I needed to get some money out to pay Ed who had sent a text Sunday evening to say he would either come by late in the day Monday or on Tuesday morning.  There were some other parts to be replaced in the loo system that I hadn't been able to get hold of when he was here last.

We walked on the towpath into town.  With so little rain lately it's lovely to be able to walk in normal shoes with no mud.  Just as I was at the automatic teller my phone beeped and it was Ed..... he had finished his other job earlier than expected and would be there in 40 minutes if that was ok.  I quickly bought the couple of things I needed and we walked back, arriving just as Ed was on the pontoon.

I wasn't prepared this time.  There was none of the neat folding of bedding (it just went in the wash) but at least having done this twice before I knew the best way to pull the bed apart.  I just sent Banjo down to sit in front of the fire and dragged things to the dinette.  Even the mattress was an easier task now I knew exactly where to stand it to get the best result with it wedged against the ceiling.

I think every hose and connection in the loo system has now been cleaned out and secured, necessary parts replaced and everything refreshed.  There's just one small seal on a water pipe that is aged and brittle so needs replacing.  I'll order that and Mick can do it when he gets back. 

It was a much smaller affair than usual at the boaters tea party.  There's hardly anyone left.  Thank goodness for Jim and Joan, Dot and Gordon or I'd be all on my own.  Dot brought along some delicious smoked chicken and when I left to go and do some work, Banjo decided he'd rather stay with the chicken!  I picked up a small piece and took it as I walked away to bribe him.  He came out, ate the chicken and ran back in looking hopefully at Dot.  Once I called him a little more sternly and he realized I was going he trotted along but kept glancing back wishing for just one more piece.  It wasn't until we were on the pontoon that he forgot the chicken and ran on ahead to the boat..... ours.... he's getting used to it.

Banjo has settled down nicely now and no longer follows me around quite as much.  I can actually get up and put my coffee mug in the sink without him rushing to join me.  He goes to bed without a peep which is a great improvement on the first time I minded him overnight and he sat on the back step crying.  I've had a text from Diane saying they've decided they aren't coming back and Banjo will have to live with me.  I don't think so!!!

There is a bit of activity going on around the cedar huts at the marina.  It looks like they're building a base for marquees to be set up on.  I did hear talk of the marina wanting to get into weddings and other functions so I guess that's the purpose.  Two of the small huts have been moved in behind the other three... perhaps to give function guests a "view" of the marina.

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