Wednesday 20 March 2013

Off to Italy

I had a few chores to do before my trip to Heathrow.  Packing bags in a narrowboat isn't an easy task. I dread to think what it will be like unpacking Mick's suitcase on Monday. Yes.... Monday!! Some days those 7 weeks seemed to be taking forever but when I look back now they feel like they've flown. I thought I would have a trip into Stoke each week to help the time pass but I've only managed that once... I've been busy.  And now to fill the last few days.... a visit to Lake Garda with Claudia and Tamara.

Last time I flew out of Heathrow I caught the train from Stafford to London Euston and then walked to get to a station to connect to the right line for Heathrow. This time I tried something different.  I caught the train to Birmingham airport and then a National Express bus directly to Heathrow. This was a much better way of getting here. We will try and fly out of Birmingham when we can in future. It's a great little airport and very easy to get around. There's a cheap hotel right outside the terminal building and a train with a light rail connection.  Easier than Heathrow with so many terminals to negotiate. Plus with the new Qantas / Emirates alliance we will have more choice.

I stayed last night at the Yotel in terminal 4. I had a terrible sleep and an early morning to get across to terminal 1 where I'm now waiting for my flight. It's exciting going to a country where I haven't been before.

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Have a good trip x