Tuesday 19 March 2013

The last farewell

It was a stunning day today.  Very appropriate for the last farewell.

After a chat with Barry and Carol, I walked into Stone to check for a parcel from work (as it turns out they hadn't sent it!). I walked in along the towpath, chatting to a couple of passersby.  Reaching the town centre moorings in Stone I spied a familiar name.  Moored up was a boat called Gundagai.  I wonder if they're Aussies. 

Slim Dusty :
My Mabel waits for me underneath the bright blue sky,
Where the dog sits on the tucker box nine miles from Gundagai.
I meet her ev'ry day and I know she's dinky di,
Where the dog sits on the tucker box nine miles from Gundagai.

I stopped at the hardware store for a couple of sticks of beeswax.  Thanks Carol for the tip on getting our hatch to slide better.... it works!  I bumped into Ray and his wife (gone blank on her name... sorry) from nb Jemma next door to us and had a chat.  Then onwards home.  Another chat with Jim (nb Two Jays) who was on his way into Stone as I headed out.

Soon after lunch I waved off Barry and Carol who had friends aboard.  It's only a temporary farewell as we have plans to meet up on the cut.

Later I had a final cup of tea with Jim and Joan.  They are the last ones left to say goodbye to.  They'll be heading out tomorrow.

We've enjoyed your company everyone!

Photos :
1. nb Gundagai
2. Hey.... we forgot to pick up our mat!

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