Saturday 30 March 2013

The end in sight

We've settled back into marina life but the end is in sight.  It's nice that the are lots of visitors to the marina and Easter has brought more. It makes it feel a little less empty now that the other winter moorers have moved on.  The weather is still cold. It's getting down to -4 overnight and just a few degrees over during the day.  We had more snow flurries today but no rain.

It was our wedding anniversary on Tuesday... 19 years... so we had lunch at the bistro.  Since then we have been washing, tidying, sorting, re-arranging and arguing in preparation for heading off.  I've moved his stuff and he's messing with my tidy boat. I think 7 weeks was a little too long.  But, we've recouped the money we've spent on the Eberspacher heater, the cratch and pram covers and the solid fuel stove so we are happy about that.

Mick hadn't seen the pram cover so I'm glad he likes it too.  I know they aren't the prettiest things but its great for keeping the weather out.  I'm glad we got it.  The new cratch cover is much appreciated too. We don't have the seat cushions in the cratch getting wet any more. It took me days of dragging them out onto the roof of the boat during sunny periods to finally have them dried out.  We have talked about roof boxes which Mick intended to build. We've now decided not to bother with them as the re-arranged cratch is providing adequate storage now.

 We will be heading off on Monday. Can't wait!

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