Monday 18 March 2013

Then two...

It's been a pleasant day today... not too cold... not too windy... and even the sun peeking out just a little.  This morning I met up with Bev, Roly, Joan and Jim at the marina bistro for a coffee or two.  A very enjoyable chat.

I'm glad to find I won't be all alone now.  Barry and Carol have come back into the marina for the night and Jim and Joan won't be leaving until Tuesday.  I'll be heading off to Heathrow Tuesday afternoon ready for my flight to Verona early Wednesday morning.  Looking forward to that!

I'm feeling a bit unsettled.  I've had enough of being on my own on the boat and now that everyone's going out cruising I want to do that too.  Thank goodness for a few days in Italy.  It'll help me get through the next week until Mick gets home.

Late this afternoon I walked over to the marina bridge to wave off Bev and Roly, nb Klara and Freddie, Phantom and Cindy the cocker spaniels.  They've been so good to me while I've been on my own. I'm very grateful.

Photo : Farewell Bev and Roly!

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