Monday 11 March 2013

Chat aboard

I enjoy going for a walk in the marina after dark.  It's so peaceful and calm.  I've made a habit of taking the rubbish to the bins in the evening for this purpose.  The other night I bumped into Gill and Malcolm from nb Shoehorn while I was out walking.  We stopped to chat for a moment and they invited me in.  They finished their dog walking and I disposed of the rubbish and we met up back on their pontoon.  Nice to see inside another boat and it was nice to have a chat.  They'll be off and cruising this week.

Today I had a cup of tea with Roly and Bev from nb Klara.  Goodness, I don't know where the time went but I thought the clock was wrong when I got home.  It was 1.30pm and I'm sure I'd set off to the rubbish bins and it wasn't that much after 11am.  It must have been all that doggie chat and pat. Makes me miss having a dog.  Roly and Bev have 3 lovely cocker spaniels onboard.  I'm determined to get a photo of Roly sitting on his folding picnic chair while the dogs relax on the recliner chairs!  Wait for it... it'll come.

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