Thursday 30 January 2014

ABNB and UKforex

Yesterday I finished gathering and packing up things to ship home. After lunch we played cards with Barry and Carol and I got a bit of work done. Lynne came to collect us, and our mountain of stuff, about 8pm and by the time we had a cup of tea and a catch up and drove back to her place it was near on 10pm.

We were talking.... again.... about when and how and with whom we should list the boat for sale when the time gets a little closer.  I have had emails from two other Aussie narrowboaters who have sold their boats through ABNB and they're both happy with how it went.  So that's what we have decided. We will aim to be at Crick for the end of April if we haven't found a buyer ourselves by then.

It got us wondering how we would send the funds back home again. We have used Ozforex to send money here to live on and I discovered there is also UKforex. I set up an account in preparation and they rang five minutes later to finish the account set up process. In the course of the conversation the very helpful fellow said if we already had an account with Ozforex he could just add permissions to use UKforex under the same account. No need for ID, no drama. Excellent!


Paul and El said...

Yea we just have the OzForex account but can send it both ways, great company to deal with.

Barry and Sandra said...

We bought AreandAre with ABNB and they were extremely helpful ;-)

When do you return to Oz? Shame, we haven't even caught up with you since you've been here yet!

Sandra & Barry

Elly and Mick said...

Paul, we've found them very helpful too.

Sandra, we are leaving 5th June. Hopefully we will get to catch up. Which way are you cruising first?