Friday 21 March 2014


Gurnett Aqueduct to Clarence Mill, Bollington : 4 miles, 0 locks
To date : 1037 miles, 740 locks 

Bright and early again this morning.  We had a lock free cruise.  Through Macclesfield we looked in vain for the water points marked on our map. I knew the one outside "Mr Grumpys" house had been removed but it seems the second ones gone too. There was a sign saying there was an offside water point but we must have missed it. Tomorrow will be soon enough, we still have plenty.

It was an interesting journey with a long stretch of high stone walls, plus the quaint, curved "turnover" bridges we've become accustomed to seeing on the Macclesfield Canal. Heading out of Macclesfield there was a very pretty stretch of canal and we saw the perfect property for us.  Just a small house, an outbuilding that had been converted into perhaps an annexe (granny flat in Oz), and a lovely little canal frontage vegie patch.  Immediately after it was a very nice mooring with a good stretch of grassy canal frontage, a grand gated entrance and a little timber garage building with a flue that suggests the building has a wood stove.  Lovely!

We moored just after the aqueduct at Bollington, by Clarence Mill. Amazing building. It's a very elevated spot and windy! This wind is playing havoc with my pot of herbs on the roof of the boat!! We had a walk to the Co-op for a few bits and pieces.  We passed a white painted cottage withe a plaque that said 1385.  By the time we got back Barry and Carol were mooring up further back.  In fact, almost over the aqueduct.   We all had lunch in the coffee shop at the mill.

This afternoon a border collie with a ball in its mouth appeared at the kitchen window.  I think he wanted me to throw his ball.  The owner rolled her eyes and walked on calling the dog but he was having none of it.  He looked at her when she called but then turned back to show me his ball again. Funny dog.


Yvonne said...

The new water point is on the wharf alongside the C&RT yard, just before Macclesfield Marina. Your next good water point is at Marple. The Ring o'Bells pub beside the bridge does lovely meals, never had a bad one in all the many times we've been in there.

Elly and Mick said...

Yvonne, we'd already passed it then. Any wonder we couldn't find it. Never mind. We're moored right opposite the Marple one!