Sunday 28 April 2013

A day in port - Braunston

This morning while we had breakfast we had a message from Jane and Ian who we met a few years ago when we stayed in their gorgeous little thatched cottage.  They were going to drive to Braunston to visit us.  The cottage is worth a look too : Little Thatch.

We made a quick visit to Midland Chandlers after breakfast to make sure we'd be back in time to meet our visitors.  We'll have to return tomorrow as there were quite a few things we needed... fenders in particular... we've lost a few of late.  On the way back I noticed the name on the boat behind us... nb Festina Lente.  I knew I'd seen that name somewhere but couldn't think where.

We had an excellent catch up with Jane and Ian.  We haven't seen them since our first week in England last September.  Pity I didn't think to take a photo.

This afternoon I sat down to do some work while Mick went off to look at boats in the marina.  He returned with visitors in tow... blog readers Andy and Sue.  The name of their boat?  nb Festina Lente.  So I've read their blog too.  I even remembered the photo this time.

This evening we met Barry and Carol at The Boathouse up by the bridge.  Gotta love their two for one deal.  I think we laughed louder than the group of youngsters at the next table. Great night guys!

A few for today :
1. Looking back from the bridge
2. Andy and Sue with nb Festina Lente
3. Clouds gathering


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