Monday 8 April 2013

A day in port - Fradley Junction

The weather has taken a turn for the better.  There was no wind again this morning.  Although the temperatures haven't increased greatly the lack of wind makes it feel so much milder.

Barry joined us for dinner and a chat last night.  We had an early night and slept well.  Mick had been kept awake a little at Rugeley by late night smokers on the balconies of the flats opposite.

This is a particularly pleasant spot to be moored.  We have a nice outlook and we can hear birds in the trees across the canal.   The towpath is well kept with a wide grassy verge. 

On the approach to Fradley Junction we noticed small long black boxes suspended from the trees everywhere.  We assume they are perhaps nesting boxes for small birds.  Does anybody know what type of bird?  Photo below.

This afternoon I took a break from my work and we went for a walk around the little lake at the bottom of the locks.  We chatted with a couple who had stopped to talk when they saw our Aussie flag on the boat.  It was such a nice afternoon and the volunteer lock-keepers were in attendance so we made a last minute decision to move down the locks and more up near the water point.  I'd told Barry we'd bring dinner to him tonight as Bracken, the dog, wasn't pleased with being left behind last night.  Barry had already gone on for water and the dinner would have been cold by the time we walked all the way down there so it was easier to just move.

Just as we were about to leave the first lock a lady came up to chat saying she was from Brisbane.  How lovely to meet a fellow Aussie.  She and her partner were in their first week on their boat.  Goodness, I remember our first week so well..... how could we ever forget it.  We swapped names and discovered we were both aiming for a mooring in the same place.  We caught up later for a coffee and a chat and to check out each others boats.   Bob and Karen have engine woes already and that makes it a tough start for them.  We'll keep in touch I hope.

By the time the chatting was done it was time to cook the dinner.  We took a pot of pasta round to nb Winton's Folly.  Bracken sat like a good girl on her mat while we ate.  I returned after dinner to finish off the work I should have been doing this afternoon instead of chatting and as I sorted out the things I needed to carry back, Bracken sat there looking so hopefully at the pasta pot.  Funny.

Photos :
1. The towpath towards the junction
2. Our view across the canal last night
3. Our view across the towpath last night
4. The little black box
6. Lovely rope work
7. Any interesting seat
8. Dinner on Winton's Folly
9. Our new mooring
10. Bracken looking hopefully at the leftover pot of pasta



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