Monday 15 April 2013

A day in port - Polesworth

We woke to a bright sunny day today.  Shame about the wind blowing a gale.  The temperature was quite mild and if it wasn't for the wind we'd be out in t-shirts for the first time.  The weather has definitely turned. 

Mick finally got stuck into giving the boat a wash and polish.  He was "happy as Larry" out there.  I had work to catch up on.  We've had a bit of a software update issue so the office posted me the CD and it arrived at Fazeley Post Office just before we left there.  Perfect.  The "Post Restate" service is working well for us.  We just ring the post office to check they'll accept our mail and so far it's all good.

This evening we had dinner at a local Indian with Barry and Carol.  Mick's a bit nervous of spicy food after a bad experience about 15 years ago.  We chose carefully and he happily tried all the curries.  One had large pieces of chilli and despite my warning him to look out for them he chewed up a large piece right at the end of the meal and ended up out in the street huffing and puffing!  Oh dear. We went on to a pub that had a pool table and the boys played for a couple of hours while Carol and I chatted.

I've been knitting instead of sewing in the evening for the last week.  I picked up some wool at Hobbycraft and made up 5 little hats for my nieces and nephew.  Now to get them to a post office.

Photos :
1. Lovely daffodils in a vase - thanks B&C!
2. Five little hats
3. Mick polishing
4. Tonight's mooring
5. Serious business

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