Tuesday 30 April 2013

A day out - Napton

Braunston - Napton - Braunston : 17 miles, 2 locks
To date : 241 miles, 130 locks

The other day when we saw Jane and Ian we arranged with them to take their guests out for the day on the boat.  Today was the day.

We were up early to turn the boat around and fill up the water tank.  While Mick was out at the water point he called out to come to the side hatch.  I was welcomed by a big lick on the face!  It was Lesley from nb Yarwood with Fletcher and Floyd the black labs.  Nice to meet you Lesley and nice to meet the boys too.    We had a brief chat and all went on our way.

Our visitors, Beryl and Anne were on board at 10am and we headed off.  The plan was to cruise to Napton for lunch at The Folly.  The wind was up and it was quite cool but the ladies braved the elements to stand at the stern or sit in the cratch rugged up in hats and coats.  It was a lovely day out, also including up and down one of the Calcutt locks.  The trip back seemed to take forever with lots of moored up boats to pass.  I guess that's the difference when you cruise late in the day.  We were tired by the time we moored up again back at Braunston.

Photos of our day out :
1. This ducky family visited us several times a day in Braunston
2. The Gongoozlers Rest boat cafe - for you Maggie
3. Anne and Beryl
4. This friendly dog escorted us to and from the pub with a game of "throw the stick"
5. Fabulous inglenook fireplace at the Folly
6. The Folly Inn, Napton
7.- 9.  Beryl and Anne having a steer
10. Beryl

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